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About Sabo systems


Having a five years experience in manufacturing systems using a “free form” technology, we pay special attention to the choice of materials, the quality of products and the offered services, staff efficiency and professionalism are the aspects that make the company reliable and preferable for any client.

We specialise
in the making of large-span constructions
  •  Shopping, entertainment and business centres.
  • Gyms, arenas, courts
  • Exhibition pavilions
  • Airports, stations, parking
Small architectural forms
  • Domes
  • Atriums
  • Above-ground pedestrian crossings
  • Public transport stations
  • Sheds
Sabo Systems

The technology

The SABO system consists of two main elements:
a nodular polyhedron with threaded holes in the direction of converging rods and hollow rectangular pipes (rods), with a visible width of 50 mm or more, with embedded elements. All of the nod elements and rods are made of
steel or aluminium.

The joint is achieved by using high-strength bolts, without the use of welding technology which provides strength of the structure and short installation period.

The system has considerable formative potential allowing to apply any shape-forming and volumetric-composition in the area. It provides not only the overlapping space, but also speaks to the design and usability both.

  • one or two-level construction
  • up to 18 connections on one nodal element
  • made of high strength aluminium or steel
Sabo Systems
Несущие системы Sabo Systems
Sabo Systems
  • high structural strength undermined by the equable load distribution
  • considerably low weight compared to similar metal and reinforced concrete structures
  • exterior and interior attractiveness
  • Reliability (the use of durable, solid and environmentally friendly materials: corrosion-resistant galvanised steel or aluminium, processed by powder coating. There is an option to apply some extra application of fire coatings)
  • High speed of installation work due to the absence of welding and the need to use heavy lifting equipment
  • Reasonably convenient logistics (the construction consists of small elements, allowing you to significantly save on costs during transportation and installation)


Our company has 12,800 square meters of production area, own five-axis machining centre, a set of metalworking equipment, a paint shop, a fleet of vehicles and lifting equipment, which allows to produce up to 2000 square meters of spatial-rod structures (of any complexity) per month.

The workforce of the company employs made up of experienced professionals with specialised education and high qualification. The careful control of each production stage and strict adherence to process and perform the technology makes it possible to organise the production of complex spatial structures.
Each component of the building system is designed, developed and manufactured in strict compliance with technological requirements, which guarantees quick installation and long-term safe use.

Sabo Systems
Sabo Systems
Sabo Systems


Sabo System
Sabo Systems
Sabo Systems

Professional technical advice and project preparation of any complexity are the main advantages of our design department. Using the most modern computer equipment and the latest software, we give the customers an opportunity to choose the perfect design and performance.

Based on innovative methods of designing and manufacturing high-quality building systems, we offer one of the most optimal architectural and structural solutions – the SABO system. Our design department is a close-knit and experienced team united by professionalism. During five years, we developed more than eighty projects. We provide design in various ways and ideas, degrees of complexity and functionality:

  • the development of the architectural concept of the construction site
  • the technical specifications of the design preparation
  • an outline and detailed engineering term
  • the preparation of the technical certificate
  • state examination process
  • the preparation of executive documentation aimed for the delivery facility and the use of the construction site
  • the warranty and after the warranty service


Installation of cross-rod spatial structures is a matter for true professionals. Correct mounting is the key to the long-term use of of a building or structure. We have extensive experience in assembling structures of various configurations, shapes and complexity. We offer the mounting and installation on a turn-key basis as well as the supervision. Installation works can be carried out both at new facilities, and at operated buildings and structures, at any height, at any time of the year, under any weather conditions. Any installation is carried out step-by-step using bolted joints.

All the components are pre-delivered to the site marked and laid on pallets, which are subsequently lifted by any lifting equipment to the required height. There is one more way of a preliminary block of the metal structure assembly when the subsequent lifting and further joining to previously mounted blocks is handled out.

The assembly of large-span structures is carried out using special equipment – large and medium-capacity cranes. The cranes with heavy lifting capacities allow the installation of metal structures on the ground immediately with filling elements.

The main important criteria in the process of mounting of metal structures are not only high performance, aimed at a quick subsequent transfer of the front for other types of work but also the safety and quality of installation work.

SABO specialists are distinguished by a responsible attitude towards the implementation of the task, accuracy, the desire to fulfil the safety requirements and building codes. Due to the high qualifications and experience of workers and engineering personnel, the highest possible rates of work are typically achieved.


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